About the CRN

The Community Resource Network (CRN) provides a platform for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and business partners to connect in order to share resources that promote the physical, educational, or mental development of children and youth, or to provide for the basic needs of children, youth, and their caregivers. Anyone who represents an entity that serves children, youth, and their caregivers in Marion County may become a member. Community members who wish to improve the lives of children, youth, and their caregivers in Marion County may join as Donor only members.

Members are permitted to use the CRN to share extra resources and fulfill requests for resources for the benefit of children, youth, or their caregivers. They may seek help or provide help with unmet needs, or develop community-wide service-oriented events. Members must be affiliated with an organization in order to requests assistance, and requests must be for the benefit of clients who are children, youth, or their caregivers.

The strength of the CRN is in operating as a catalyst for members to connect and share, greatly increasing their collective impact in Marion County. All CRN member organizations and partners share a common goal of strengthening families and building community resilience; this collaborative network increases the likelihood that the needs of children, youth, or their caregivers will be met.

Management of the CRN

Community Resource Network was created in partnership with Marion County and Galaxux. Marion County hosts and administers the program and partners with Galaxux for program maintenance and future development. Galaxux has donated a license of this product to Marion County for its exclusive use.

Marion County Community Services staff manages the day-to-day operations of the system website, including approving new members, posting member requests, and providing customer service. They collaborate with Galaxux and a member-based committee to continually update and improve the system’s effectiveness and ease of use. Membership and system content are subject to approval by the Marion County Community Services Department Director, who has complete discretion to deny or terminate membership at any time, or to decline requests that do not align with the CRN’s stated Terms of Use. The Marion County Community Services Department may edit the content of any request to improve clarity and optimize opportunity for fulfillment.

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